The latest craze in smoking News electronic vaporizers

Smoking has been a part of society since pre-colonial times and earlier.  It is a controversial pleasure for some and a nuisance for others. A cause of significant health risks, hence the drive to reduce smoker’s rights, the number of smokers, as well as increasing the cost of cigarettes.

To quit smoking has become the “New Year’s” resolution for millions of people each year.  Few succeed. Now there are a variety of “Aids” available for potential quitters such as gums, lozenges, patches, medications, hypnosis and acupuncture.

Recently a new, promising approach to the smoking behavior has entered the market, the ELECTRONIC or E - CIGARETTE. They are rapidly gaining favor amongst smokers, Healthcare officials, and government regulators as well.

Essentially, the E - CIGARETTE looks like a typical cigarette, but relies on a rechargeable battery and a liquid container to provide smoke. The smoke can be pure water vapor flavored with a huge list of options, from a non - nicotine flavor, to menthol and strawberry. For those that still want to smoke, but avoid the 3500+ chemicals added to traditional cigarette paper and tobacco, they are able to have low doses of nicotine added.

The E - CIGARETTE was recently featured on the popular television show “The Doctors”, and was ranked 9 out of 10 best new health products for 2011.

The success rates for smoking cessation with the E - CIGARETTE far exceeds other currently available measures by a large margin. One study from Boston University School of Public Health found that at 6 months 31% of people remained smoke free compared with patches and gums, which produced a 12 - 18% rate.

Dr. Oz, a popular television medical personality has spoken of the merits of E – CIGARETTES the benefits of smoking the electronic cigarette as an alternative to traditional smoking. There is no paper or tobacco to deal with, but the behavior of the habit of placing the cigarette from hand to mouth continues, the lack of which many other approaches fail while addressing the many psychological behaviors that go into smoking. In doing so, it makes quitting traditional cigarettes a real possibility.