About Us: We offer a full line of electronic vaporizers

Our Company is the result of many years of experience as consumers, buyers, retail distributors and manufactures. Bonnair offers a full line of e-vaporizers, representing a revolution in smoking technology. Bonnair offers many advantages over traditional flame based smoking products. The advantages include saying good-bye to the health risks of flame based smoking, the absence of secondhand smoke and unpleasant odor that leaves a stink in the clothes, carpet, and furniture of users giving them the freedom to be able to remain indoors and continue living life while they smoke whether they're working, driving, watching their kids, or shopping.

Goal & Focus

Our focus is on manufacturing premium electronic cigarette products at extremely affordable prices. We take the time to ensure maximum quality, durability and vapor volume. Unlike many other providers, we seek to maintain a long term relationship with every client. Our aim is to save you both time and money. We know what smokers are looking for and we aim to deliver all that and more.

The Team

Bonnair operates a global team of professionals: engineers, product designers and graphic artists. These groups are gathered from around the world, and together they deliver our customers premium quality products every day.

The Difference

Our exclusive products, unlike most other electronic cigarettes in the market, carry within themselves the quality and ingenuity of American designers that improve the product gear to deliver 100% satisfaction rates

Q . The way we approach each product development phase is as follows:

   1. American trained engineers design or improve an existent design to out preform the competition.

   2. Creative graphic artist designs product sales materials and package layouts.

   3. Product muck up and prototypes are submitted for review and testing.

   4. Final improvement checkup before production is ordered.

   5. Final packaging is submitted for approval and release.

   6. Production begins.

   7. Strict quality control procedures are applied during and after production.

   8. Products are shipped and delivered.

   9. Follow up calls are placed to distributor and users alike.

Why buy Bonnair Products ?

If you're still asking yourself why you should buy Bonnair, the answers are clear.

 A .We're going to exceed your expectations of quality.

 B . Our products create BIG Vapor. More even than traditional cigarettes, but without health risks.

 C . We provide a 12 month warranty on new products.

 D . We'll give our all to making and keeping you a happy client for as long as possible.


We give utmost priority to customer satisfaction. If you seek our advice, we'll be happy to recommend the product that best fits your needs in terms of flavor, vapor volume and product battery life. We only sell the highest quality products, designed to save you money and time to create a better buyer experience.

Over 30% of our sales come through our client referrals. We're committed to customer satisfaction and welcome all feedback. We'll do all we can to make your experience with our product a great one. I want the name Bonnair to be synonymous in your mind with quality. In fact, when you think "quality," "reliability," "versatility," or "power," I want you to think Bonnair

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